Name Development in Bangkok, Thailand

Your brand name is the foundation for the identity of your business, product or service, a first indicator that your company offers points of difference. It is a basic core differentiator for your brand helping build awareness, confidence and trust.

DATE 9 October 2017
INTERESTS Name Development,

A big role for just a word or two, then!

Yes…because naming your brand is a decision that sets the stage for your business and can shape its future. A great name will position your business as a leader and innovator, and reinforce your value proposition. In contrast, a poor name can negate the work you do to position your brand in the market and may limit your options for expansions into new markets.


Asia Media, a leading brand development and graphic design agency in Bangkok Thailand,  has long held the view that finding a strong, unique brand name is an indispensable first step in the strategic brand development process. It cannot be approached in a haphazard, undisciplined manner, but, rather, requires a diligent and structured approach. We tackle a naming exercise with the same disciplined approach as we do with all our design projects, working our way through a number of stages:-

  1. Review the Competition, looking for trends, conventions, identifying those that stand out and why.
  2. Establish guidelines, defining what your name will represent and how it will support your business. We have selective criteria;

      * Simple to say, easy to remember

      * Short, ideally less than 8 characters

      * Have a .com domain name available

3. Brainstorming, involving team members from a number of disciplines, (ably assisted by a Thesaurus dictionary!)

4. Culling, the process of reducing the list to a manageable number (perhaps, 5-10), again judged against a number of criteria

      • Distinctive: How does the name compare with the competition?

      • Sound: Is it easy to say?

      • Stickiness: Is the name easy to remember?

     • Expression: Does it fit your brand’s personality?

     • Appearance: Does it look as good as it sounds?

5. Presentation to client, with full explanation for selected names

From this process we are confident of finding a name that is right for the brand and its market, is memorable and will create customer confidence and belief. If you want to know more about our Name Development services, please feel free to get in touch