Naming, logo design and web site | Smarto

Smarto is the brand new name for a dynamic start-up venture that is planning to revolutionize the Thai vehicle insurance market. Originally registered under the name “Carpass”, the company has developed a new GPS and telemetric based technology that allows insurance companies to offer premiums based on kilometers driven (thus offering significant savings for low vehicle usage) and that also provides a range of safety and security features to the car user.

DATE 18 April 2013
INTERESTS Website Design and Development, Name Development, Branding,

The smart box that enables collection of data directly from the vehicles’ electronic control unit and contains the GPS receiver is known as “Cubie”.

The company wanted a name, a logo design and a positioning that would provide broader appeal to both its target markets – the insurance companies that can use the data to determine usage based premiums, and consumers who will be able to take advantage of cheaper insurance costs and the range of features offered by Cubie.

AMS was asked to devise a solution, and we went through a thorough research exercise to fully understand the dynamics of the market, before developing over 20 potential names. Following internal discussions this was reduced to five names that were presented to the client.

Smarto was the final unanimous choice; it is short in length, friendly and easily remembered; it encapsulates the technology involved; it is easily recognized, and, importantly, easy for Thais to pronounce.

The logo development for Smarto also went through several stages, with a number of designs considered before the final choice was made. The selected logo is a simple, clean and clear design in two colours that perfectly embodies the brand attributes. It has now been incorporated into a range of stationery items and other marketing material.

Furthermore, this is not the end of the AMS involvement in this new venture. We are currently developing a personification for Cubie that will feature in all of the company’s marketing activity, and next will be the challenge of a complete website redesign, that must excite consumers and insurers alike. Updates on this exciting project to follow!