New News from AMS

Over the past seven years we have had the pleasure of working for and with a lot of really good people, people we want to stay in touch with and, hopefully, work with again. Our newly-launched newsletter is designed for just that purpose - letting our friends know what we’ve been up to recently and what are plans are for the future.

DATE 9 March 2015

It will be a monthly publication and will include our latest articles covering all aspects of the graphic design business, latest industry and AMS news, and links to all areas of our website for those who want a more in-depth view of particular topics.

Not an over-lengthy item – we don’t want to take up too much of your time – it is designed to give a taster of AMS, a reminder to clients old and new of our credentials as one of Bangkok’s leading graphic design agencies.

We hope you will enjoy it – feel free to pass comment, critical or otherwise – because we are always interested in your views. And, of course, we are always available to meet with you if you need any assistance with your design projects.