Designer Outsourcing

in Bangkok, Thailand

For most companies, employing in-house full time graphic designers is not cost-effective – the work load is unlikely to justify the expense. However, there may be times in the year, or maybe on an ongoing part-time basis, when having a specialist on-board does make sense. If this is you, then we can help!

Creative, Knowledgeable, Efficient

All our Bangkok-based designers are highly experienced and talented indi- viduals with a broad range of skills. We can provide risk-free graphic design resource when you need it, at very attractive rates.

Our outsourcing ground rules

  • dependable continuity
  • skills set to match the project needs
  • focused and dedicated


Leave your details below and we will get back to you.


The designers work for you only when you need them - one day a week, everyday for a month, whatever you need.

Top Quality

For that day, or that month, the designer is yours...but we will still act as quality control on all his or her output, ensuring our renowned high stan- dards are maintained.

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.

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Graphic design outsourcing | Thailand
Graphic design outsourcing | Thailand

Bangkok based graphic design agency Asia Media Studio (AMS) opened its doors for business in 2006. Its two Founding Partners are Europeans, and bring many years of creative and marketing skills acquired in their home countries to the organization. Consequently, International business prerequisites of goal orientation, attention to detail, reliability, budget adherence and timeliness are at the heart of the agency’s philosophy.