Description:Music made with heart. For Tycoon, and their new brand Kahua, this phrase sums up both brands perfectly. AMS redesigned Tycoon’s logo to include an iconic symbol—the “T” surrounded by a triangle. As the company is environmentally focused, the triangle was designed to appear similar to a recycling sign.

You’ll also notice an infinity symbol in the letter “O” of Tycoon’s name. This represents the infinite amount of products the hand percussion company has produced in over 32 years in business.

For the client’s new brand, Kahua, the logo makes a strong connection to the hawaiian roots of the instrument they’re selling: ukuleles. The golden, orange and red colors have a very hawaiian feel, as do the wavy font and leafy design.

For both brands, their new logos reveal the personal nature of their products. Kahua showcases the brand’s respect for traditional hawaiian culture, while Tycoon appeals to the environmentally-conscious values of customers.