Precision in Dielines

In the design of packaging, one aspect that is rarely discussed, but is nonetheless critical to the final outcome, is the dieline configuration. The dieline is the template for a pack (and, also, envelopes and folders), a flattened outline of the cutlines, folds, locks, glueing points, opening and closing features and so on.

DATE 24 October 2017
INTERESTS Packaging Design,

This template needs to be perfect, with no margin for error, and will heavily influence the graphic design aspects of the pack; if text is too close to a cut line, for example, or if a key design element is inadvertently placed under a flap, the pack appeal will be substantially diminished.

For our designers at AMS, one of two scenarios usually occur:

We may be given an existing pack to redesign, in which case we will work meticulously within the limitations of the dieline template that already exists.

Alternatively, we are often asked to create a new pack from scratch – always a really exciting and challenging project. In this instance, we need to determine a new set of dielines, that will help deliver a robust, impactful pack and that will allow us to make the most of our creative designs. Accuracy and attention to detail are prerequisites as is the latest Adobe Illustrator software that allows us to deliver the necessary preciseness.

As well, we have many years experience working with packaging suppliers throughout Thailand, and we always work with the best in their individual fields of expertise. Thus, our designs, and our dielines, are always practicable and lend themselves to efficient and cost-effective pack production.

We take great pride in our pack designs, not only in the creativity of our graphics, but also in the final outcome, the pack’s shape, its strength and its on-shelf presence. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of packaging design – if you think we could be of help, feel free to contact us.