Brochure Design in Bangkok, Thailand

The equivalent to a firm handshake

A creative brochure is no longer a luxury indulgence for businesses anymore, it is an essential requirement for brands investing in print marketing. Unarguably one of the most valuable sales tools a company can produce to drive sales.

Professionally designed multi-purpose brochures

It is no surprise that brochures have survived the digital revolution, they have proven their worth time and time over to create meaningful and memorable connections with potential customers to drive company sales. They are one of the most versatile instruments in your sales marketing toolbox. Whether you are looking for a new design or to transform print into digital, we have the necessary tools to create impactful and emotive brochures that users engage with.

Driving sales

Brochures that seal deals

We delegate and manage the entire process and all the contributors required to put together unparalleled quality in an unforgettable and engaging brochure. Taking into consideration every element that could impact the impression your brochure gives at first glance, including the paper stock, fonts, photography, illustrations, content structures, colour schemes and print quality. This essentially means less work for you and your colleagues, as well as access to our reliable and consistent network of trustworthy partners.
User-friendly designs to build
brand reputations
We ensure concise and accurate designs that fulfil your brand’s guidelines, but above all else are both enjoyable and useful for your users. Attractive, reader-friendly and aspirational sales-driving materials to inspire customers in their purchase journey.

If you are looking for branding, print or digital graphic design services to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.

Not straightforward to answer…it will depend very much on the size of brochure you require. AMS has designed just about every type of brochure format imaginable from flyers through to 200+ page catalogues. A flyer may take only a few days, whereas a detailed, intricate catalogue 2-3 months. At the start of any project, though, we will give you a precise timeline that we will always aim to achieve.

Usually two separate designs. But, if we don’t get it right first time, we will always carry out revisions until you are completely happy.

We do…because it is important for us to consider all the elements, and in particular the balance between copy content and imagery, before we start the design process. If visual and written content arrives piecemeal, this may result in a less than perfect outcome. We will, once we’ve received your brief, discuss with you how the information can be gathered and how we will tailor our processes to best suit your project.

We certainly can, and have, indeed, done so for many satisfied clients. A glance at our portfolio will show our expertise in this field. Apart from highly creative design capabilities, we are meticulous in our attention to detail when it comes to the accuracy of catalogue content.

Once we have received the 50% pre-payment that our contract with you requires plus the content for your brochure (written copy and imagery) we will start work on your project immediately.

You are – it’s that simple, and we deliver all artworks to you once the project is completed.

We can, and do so for many of our clients. Printers in Bangkok benefit from relatively low labor and overhead costs and so offer extremely competitive prices. This is not at the expense of quality, and the printers we work with use the latest printing techniques and have proven to be reliable, trustwor- thy and very proficient.

We carry a small library within the agency, but will also use professional li- braries such as Shutterstock. We can, on your behalf, purchase images for exclusive use if required, and can also arrange high quality photography that provides you with unique images that are shot specifically to match your brochure’s look and feel.