Printed Brochures… We Still Believe!

In this age of computers, tablets and smartphones, the humble printed brochure has become a bit “passé”, with, seemingly, an uncertain future. And without doubt the digital alternative offers a number of advantages - speedy and cost-efficient distribution, tightly targeted, no print costs, high quality visuals etc. However, at AMS we don’t share this view; in our opinion, the printed brochure will - for some time to come - still offer key benefits that are not shared by its digital partner.

DATE 25 February 2016
INTERESTS Brochure Design,

A hard copy is, somehow, tangible, and through its design and format can get across the brand’s personality. The action of holding, turning pages, feeling the quality of the paper, all create a bond between the company and the reader that is impossible to replicate on-line.

The printed brochure tends to hang around, stay sat on the desk, offering an ongoing physical reminder. It may be glanced at or read a number of times, perhaps whilst the recipient is eating lunch or taking a coffee break. It can even end up in the briefcase to be read on the train or shared with colleagues at meetings.

Some market sectors and target audiences are slower than others to adopt digital marketing communications; if these are your targets, alternatives like print must be considered.

Exhibitions, demonstrations and shows are always more effective when there is more than just business cards to hand out. Your professionalism, corporate identity, and brand story will all benefit from a quality printed brochure.

We would rarely, if at all, advocate a print-only communication strategy. However, integrated with digital marketing, the brochure will always help drive traffic to your website or social media pages and may very well cost-effectively deliver new customers through its own presence.

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