Revitalizing Energy Drinks | Fight life

Developed in Switzerland using patented technology, Fight Life offers a range of high performance supplements aimed at providing a boost to training sessions and fitness workouts; four products are available in pocket-sized capsules, designed to support and enhance all aspects of physical and mental performance.

DATE 14 July 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Packaging Design, Branding,

Currently the products are available in the USA and Europe, positioned as specialist high performance supplements primarily to be found in fitness centers and gyms. However, with an impending launch throughout Asia the company wants to broaden the products’ appeal, moving the brand into the more mainstream, “Energy Drinks” market, and making it available through retail outlets as well as through its traditional sports outlets.

Asia Media Studio was asked to carry out a complete logo re-design and packaging re-design to capture the new market positioning, as well as to develop a new capsule dispenser for use in sports and fitness centers.

The logo we have created retains the strong attributes of white capital letters but now shows greater clarity and has a more modern “feel” about it. Consumers will almost always see the name in conjunction with the four individual products – “Activity”, “Energy”, “Training” and “Recovery” – and we have improved the color coding for each of these whilst at the same time strengthening the brand name.

The packaging redesign includes the capsules themselves and two outer containers – boxes containing 7 and 30 capsules. The strong use of the color coding brings a brighter friendlier appeal to the packs whilst clearly describing the products’ function.

We have always prided ourselves on an ability to “engineer” unique and creative packaging formats and the new Fight Life capsule dispenser that we have designed tested us to the full. The capsules are loaded into a precise dispensing mechanic that allows one to be removed when the front flap is opened. The unit itself is eye-catching, sturdy and space-efficient.

Fight Life is delighted with the results of our work and the new logo and packaging designs and formats will be rolled out globally in the coming months. AMS will continue to work with the company, with the redesign of the website next on the agenda.