Riding The Social Media Trend

By the end of 2015, 56% of the total Thai population held an active account with one or more social network, with Facebook the most popular at 32%. Two-thirds of users are, not surprisingly, in the prime 18-35 year age segment. This usage is significantly higher than the global average and demonstrates the important role that Social Media marketing and networking can play in promoting goods and services in Thailand. Many businesses now believe that it represents the most important element in terms of driving traffic to their websites and it can undoubtedly lead directly to increased sales.

DATE 27 June 2016
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At Asia Media, we believe that Social Media marketing can help in a number of ways…

Increased Brand Loyalty 

Those brands that engage in social networking demonstrate a better connection with their audience and enjoy increased brand loyalty. It provides higher visibility and makes it easier for potential customers to become familiar with your business; as a result of people talking about your featured product or service, you gain recognition and authority.

Higher Conversion Rates

The interaction with both existing and potential customers through Social Media will “humanize” the brand, developing the “emotional” as well as functional USP’s. By building a bigger following, credibility and trust in the brand improves and will lead to improved conversion rates.

Better SEO

Search engine rankings are increasingly reliant on social media representation, with a notable presence helping convince Google and the others that a business is both credible and worthy of trust.

Improved Website Traffic

Social networking offers a new route to a business’ website, particularly for new visitors. High quality social media content increases the opportunity for new website traffic which will, in turn, deliver conversions and sales.

Lower Marketing Costs 

Even using paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter, small budgets go a very long way, and, of course, other than your own time and effort, social networking is free.

We have long recognized that for dynamic growing organizations social media marketing and networking is now almost mandatory and we have successfully developed a number of campaigns for both ourselves and our clients. If you think we could be of any help, feel free to contact us at:


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