RinB folder design | Boxing clever

A totally new dining experience is about to arrive in Bangkok. French entrepreneur Thierry Bazin has created his “Restaurant in Box” concept that takes the traditional French éclair as the base constituent of its menu, and offers a range of balanced and varied snacks (“in a box”) in smart modern surroundings.

DATE 31 July 2013
INTERESTS Brochure Design,

AMS was asked to design a sales aid that will assist R in B in its approach to potential franchisees throughout Bangkok. In response to the brief we created an impressive and classy brochure which perfectly captures the elegance of French cuisine within a natural and healthy ambience.

The appeal of the brochure is enhanced by high quality photographic images that illustrate the product range and the specially designed boxes that are a unique feature in the restaurants. Additionally we provided our in-house copywriting expertise to create balanced informative text.

At AMS we firmly believe in creating brochures that are impactful, informative and memorable and often we often go beyond just using graphics and words by creating unique formats to achieve distinctiveness and differentiation. This has been memorably achieved with the R in B brochure – the brochure has a die-cut front cover with a distinctive curve together with an internal pocket that can hold additional information

We have a special relationship with an experienced and very reliable Bangkok-based printer whom we worked closely with to print and deliver a high quality brochure in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

M. Bazin is extremely satisfied with the outcome to this project and has now briefed us to create a new website for the company.