Shelf Success

Creating a packaging design for consumer goods is one of the more challenging problems facing the graphic designer. The typical retail shelf is a mass of messages bombarding the prospective customer, confusing and bewildering. At the same time, the pack, on shelf, is the last message that the consumer receives, the last chance to communicate brand values and encourage purchase. If the pack fails to deliver at point of sale, all other investment has largely failed.

DATE 8 May 2016
INTERESTS Packaging Design,

At Asia media, we therefore, look to develop packaging designs that are clear and simple; honest (no “oversell”); original; memorable; distinctive. High “stand-out” is the key objective, with no compromise on legibility, color coding and product communication.

To do this effectively, we need your help. We need, through you, to understand your market place, the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, your aspirations for the brand and, even, where your product appears on shelf – plain packs, with all the graphics on a lid, are of no use if products are displayed at eye level!

Packaging shape and material is also important and we often use these components to achieve impact. However, we do so in the knowledge that retailers need to optimize space utilization which can often act as a constraint on creativity. Again, no point in developing unique packs that the retailer won’t list on the basis of shelf space returns.

Finally, we aim to develop packaging designs that enhance the corporate identity and consumer appeal of the brand. Your product may be unique today, but its specification can undoubtedly be copied or mimicked down the line. It is a great deal more difficult for your competitors to imitate the consumers’ positive feelings about your brand.

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