Signature Asia – The Sweet Smell of Success

A meeting between an experienced and passionate French “perfumer”, and an entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of South East Asia who was willing and able to provide scent marketing technology has led to the arrival of Signature Asia; its aim is to bring the huge benefits of scent marketing to the region.

DATE 2 August 2013
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

Scent marketing is more than just creating a pleasant smell; rather, it is about enhancing the consumer’s overall experience through carefully selected, subtly used, fragrances. In retail settings, the relaxing and inviting ambience thus created will stimulate customers to spend more time and to more favorably appreciate the environment.

Scent marketing approached AMS to assist with all its marketing efforts. The start point was the development of a website, and we began with a thorough examination of the market, which, whilst very new to Asia, is an expanding and exciting development in the Western world. Having achieved an understanding of the dynamics and the “language’ of the industry we created a design that perfectly captures the essence of scent marketing – powerful graphic imagery and impressive use of colors combine with balanced copy to deliver an impactful and eye-catching website that, we believe, will fully meet its objectives.

AMS have also developed, and supervised the printing process for a complete range of stationery, with a clean and elegant design that perfectly reflects the company’s market position.

With these elements of the overall project now completed to the client’s total satisfaction AMS is now developing a sales brochure to be used in forthcoming client presentations.