Successful E-Newsletters

As part of the digital marketing mix, emailing and newsletters remain an important communications tool, despite the rising popularity of social media. They offer a tightly targeted opportunity, particularly to the over 30’s, and are a relatively inexpensive medium that, properly constructed, can inform, stimulate and attract attention to your message.

DATE 8 February 2016

Although a common communications method, e-newsletters are not always easy to get right, primarily because they usually include a mix of content covering different aspects of your business. At Asia Media, we believe there are some key guidelines that will help…

1. Be Up-to-date

Whether it’s new promotions, fresh editorial content, new products / services or event participation, your audience will want to know what’s going on now and in the near future. Emailing for its own sake rather than to communicate new information is likely to result in uninteresting letters lacking in clarity and purpose.

2. Entertain

Attention grabbing headlines, interesting content and quality images will ensure your audience takes the time to read the newsletter and, hopefully, respond positively.

3. Short and Sharp

It is always tempting to over-elaborate, to tell a full story; this, though, will lead to eye fatigue and declining interest. Rather, use the email as a click-through to your website, where the full story is available and where the reader can explore other areas of your business.

A good guideline we employ is copy content of 200-300 words across the total newsletter.

4. Balance

Firstly, between copy and visuals, so that the newsletter both attracts and informs. Secondly, and perhaps a bit more difficult to achieve, is balance between promoting your achievements and communicating your successes but not coming across in a boastful or “bragging” way.

We have, personally, found our own monthly newsletter to be very rewarding and have also worked successfully on a number of clients’ emaillings. If you would like to discuss this, or any other aspects of graphic design with us, please visit our website at or contact us at:

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