Swala Gem Traders - Branding development

Owned by two gemologists, sons of the founder of the company, SWALA ( - Note that the website can't be accessed from Thailand) is based in East Africa, close to the mines from which the gems are gathered. Both owners were born and raised in the East Africa, both share a great love and passion for the region, its people and its culture.

DATE 2 July 2012
INTERESTS Logo Design, Branding,

The company specializes in the gems of the region – aquamarine, blue zoisite, tanzanite. To quote the brothers, “Our father was the first geologist on the tanzanite deposits. He was the one who introduced tanzanite to Tiffany’s in New-York in the late 60’s. And we, his sons, are carrying on a similar passion for tanzanite and other quality gemstones.”

Two years ago, Asia Media Studio (AMS) were asked to design a new logo for the company.  The agency produced this beautifully stylized symbol which both captures the high-end nature of the industry and embodies, through the antelope motif, the essence and ambience of the African continent. As Laurent Couche, Creative Director of AMS says, “This logo contains the attributes of clarity, distinctiveness and simplicity that are at the heart of this agency’s philosophy”.


In addition, and to enhance the East African heritage, AMS has created a number of stunning landscape illustrations that are used extensively across all elements of Swala’s marketing materials including its website. AMS has designed stationery, brochures, business cards and accreditation documentation, all promoting consistent brand imagery.

The on-going partnership between Swala and AMS has proved fruitful and beneficial, allowing the Swala Gem Traders to present a consistent and focused personality to the market place.

For further information about AMS, please visit the agency’s website at or contact Laurent Couche by email


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