Bringing Print to Life

In a digital world it is all to easy to overlook the role that printed materials play in marketing communications. But, from simple, yet important, busi- ness cards to glossy brochures and catalogues, print remains alive and well…and, now, new …

Good and Bad Feedback

The key to delivering high quality creative executions is open communication between client and designer – at least, that’s what we firmly believe at Asia Media. We know that we won’t get it spot on first time every time, and …

Choosing the Right Colors and Fonts

A strong, successful brand will combine function properties – unique selling proposition, product quality, price point, and the like – with a personality that will encourage consumer recognition and loyalty through its emotional attributes. And, when it comes to the

2018 and Beyond…

Another year draws to an end, a year the has been both very enjoyable and highly successful for AMS, and our thoughts are now turning to how we can make a difference in 2018. Here are some of our ideas

NDA – What is it?

An NDA – non-disclosure contract – is a legal contract by which two parties that are wishing to pursue a business opportunity agree not to disclose to third parties information that is specifically covered by the agreement. It creates a

Precision in Dielines

In the design of packaging, one aspect that is rarely discussed, but is nonetheless critical to the final outcome, is the dieline configuration. The dieline is the template for a pack (and, also, envelopes and folders), a flattened outline of

Name Development in Bangkok, Thailand

Your brand name is the foundation for the identity of your business, product or service, a first indicator that your company offers points of difference. It is a basic core differentiator for your brand helping build awareness, confidence and trust.

Web Design & Development

The internet explosion means that it is now almost mandatory for businesses to own a website, at the very least to establish credibility and trust. The website, though, if designed and developed properly, offers so much more – in today’s

A Bird’s Eye View

Confusion, competition, clutter – never has the need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd, to be visible, been more important. Images and video play their part, undoubtedly, but even here it is becoming more and …

Choosing the Best Image Option

Websites, social media, blogs…the incredible expansion in channels of communication has put greater pressure than ever on manufacturers and service providers to find ways of differentiating themselves from competition. And all these new media are highly visible and visual, demanding …