Tagging Your Brand

The tagline exists as a one-line statement, a short brand promise to build interest and understanding - simple in character, yet powerful in delivery. It should aim to capture the essence of the mission statement and the brand’s promise and, by linking the line to the logo and through consistent exposure, it will become synonymous with the brand, ultimately enhancing its corporate identity. Great taglines will capture the unique personality of your business - Nike’s “Just Do it” is a fine example.

DATE 16 June 2016

“Just Do It” is also a great example of a key tagline component – brevity. The best taglines are just four or five words at most and will explain as clearly as possible the unique values that are offered by your business, with the aim of capturing the hearts and minds of the target audience.

At Asia Media, when we are asked to create a tagline, we start with examining the client’s business aims and aspirations, and setting down on paper a summary of this, in a few sentences. We then trim, and trim again, until we are left with key words and phrases from which we can develop a selection of potential tag lines. We involve people from across the agency – design, marketing, copywriters – in the process in order to have a wide spectrum input into the process. Our doctrine is, always, “Keep it Simple, Keep it Short’ to deliver, with consistent use across all facets of the business, understanding and memorability.

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