Thai Gas - Logo design

The owners of Thai Gas have a vision: to provide easy convenient access to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for vehicles across the length and breadth of the Kingdom of Thailand. Over the next few years Thai Gas plan to open LPG service stations in every major town and city in the country. These will all follow a standard, welcoming, template of cleanliness, convenience and modernity.

DATE 21 June 2012
INTERESTS Logo Design, Logo Evolution, Branding,

Thai Gas asked Asia Media Studio (AMS), the vibrant graphic design agency based in downtown Bangkok, to design a logo for the company that would reflect the values of the organization and provide instant countrywide recognition for the brand. Following a full briefing with the owners, AMS researched the market to ensure that logo designs considered within the agency were of the genre of the service station market place but significantly differentiated from the competition.

AMS has created a two-color logo, off a white background. The font for the brand name is clear, impactful, modern, and, importantly, readable and recognizable from a distance.  The use of the flame device is a clear visual demonstration of the company’s business, and the red and blue colours, with the white background, mirror the colors of the Thai flag, thus providing a visual link to the company’s strong national heritage. In addition, the strap line, “Energizing Thailand” was added, because, as AMS Creative Director Laurent Couch says; “We wanted something that both encapsulates the owners’ vision and provides a confident and powerful statement of the company’s intent. We believe these two words deliver this”.

Many of the planned service station locations will be in the less densely populated areas of Thailand, where English is not commonly spoken nor read. AMS has therefore also created a Thai Gas logo in Thai script which mirrors the font, design and colors of the English version.

Following approval for the logo design, AMS have now produced business cards and stationery for Thai Gas.

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