The Silver Age: Logo and Catalogue Evolution

Although based in Bangkok, Asia Media Studio is earning an excellent reputation outside Thailand and has a growing portfolio of international clients; one such is Silver by Mail.

DATE 9 September 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Brochure Design, Logo Evolution, Branding,

This U.K. Company successfully markets an extensive range of silver jewelry direct to the consumer through its website and a seasonal catalogue. We were asked by Silver by Mail to update both the company logo and the catalogue template.

The logo design retained the key elements – a black background with the letter “S” in white central to the layout – to preserve consumer recognition.  However, we have created a bolder, more symmetrical “S” that is complete within the black background and now has a slight 3D effect. For the word “SILVER” we introduced a clear and confident font that is instantly recognizable and readable. The overall result is a modern precise design that projects a positive and forthright image for the company.

The catalogue features a wide range of products and descriptors, and this can make the content appear overcrowded and confusing. We have tried to create a much higher level of regularity across the pages, using clean lines and blocks of copy. The content flows in a well-balanced way and the page layouts are simple and well defined.

For the front cover we introduced a new crisper font for the seasonal descriptor (this new design will make its debut for the Autumn catalogue) and it now features more product lines than previously. The end result is a classy catalogue that fully reflects both the nature of the company’s business and its own aspirations.