Two Languages, One Message

Logo design is a complex, detailed process - understanding the client’s market, the competition and industry constraints, selecting colors, developing unique fonts are all factors that are part of creating a memorable, relevant, timeless icon.

DATE 17 September 2014
INTERESTS Logo Evolution,

In Thailand (and other countries that use different scripts for their language), there is the added complexity of developing logo fonts that work equally well in two languages. Many Thai companies need to combine an international image with the practical ability to communicate at a local level and will use the two logo scripts accordingly.

At Asia Media Studio we pride ourselves on always creating unique logo fonts that are impactful, appropriate and, very importantly, protectable. Normally, we will develop the Roman script version first, and once revisions are completed and client approval received, we will then carry out the conversion to the second language. Having bilingual (Thai / English) designers who are comfortable working in both languages is a great benefit, and we are fortunate in this regard.

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that the logo is instantly recognizable through the font style and color scheme, irrespective of the language script, and we have successfully completed a number of dual language logos for a wide range of companies here in Thailand, some of which can be seen here.

Once final approval on both formats has been given, we will export the logo in a variety of formats and will always create two library files, one for each version.