Unforgettable Pictures…Memorable Design


French born, of Korean heritage, Lee Chul Mine is a renowned wedding photographer who operates across the globe. His work is truly international, and recent assignments have taken him to Paris, Toulouse, Bangkok and Seoul. His main influences are American photojournalism though he maintains what he proudly calls his “French touch”. Lee’s work is greatly admired by his contemporaries, highly treasured by his clients.

Asia Media Studio was recently asked to create a new logo for his company, Imiji-Lee, that would reflect his fashionable and sophisticated positioning. The logo we presented, to his great satisfaction, uses a unique font with an Asian flavor together with a stylish symbol; the result is a simple, clean and exclusive logo, in two color formats, that perfectly enhances the Imiji-Lee brand name and will, we believe, be easily recognized, memorable and stand the test of time.