Vehicle Wraps


Advertising and promoting on vehicles has been with us since the combustion engine was invented, and has become increasingly popular as improvements in technology have provided much improved, more impactful results.

Essentially a moving billboard, research indicates that mobile advertising has an incredibly high recall rate – higher than static media – making vehicle wraps a major cost-effective opportunity for brand and product promotion. Vinyl wrap films produce high quality impactful graphics and can be replaced simply and speedily making them ideal for short term promotional projects as well as for longer-term brand building campaigns.

Asia Media has achieved striking success with this medium for a number of clients and we always aim to come up with vehicle wrap designs that are eye-catching and memorable, employing precise graphics and vibrant colors to create original, striking messages. Working closely with specialist printers we know the absolute limits of print capabilities and therefore we are totally confident that every design we show is deliverable.

The technology moves quickly and we ensure that we keep abreast of new developments so that we can always offer the best possible technical solution. Our in-house team includes talented illustrators and experienced graphic designers and we are confident that our vehicle wraps are of exceptional quality – highly creative, attention-grabbing and informative.