Visual Identity and design of marketing items | Food by Phone

14 years ago Food by Phone opened its doors, the first meal delivery company in Bangkok. Its premise is simple – customers order, by phone, their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants, to be delivered to offices or to their home within an hour; the delivery times are achieved by the use of a fleet of motorcycle delivery personnel.

DATE 23 May 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Brochure Design, Logo Evolution, Branding,

For the last ten years, Asia Media Studios have supported Food by Phone with a wide range of graphic design services and production activity – including logo design and website design. AMS and Food by Phone are located in the same Soi in downtown Bangkok which makes communications fast and efficient – a real must given the fast moving nature of the business, with new restaurants coming on line every week, menus changing, and so on.

Every year AMS produces for Food by Phone a highly detailed 200 catalogue that itemizes the full list of Bangkok restaurants and their menus, as well as details of products and prices available in Food by Phone’s Mini Mart – an additional phone-in service offered by the company. AMS also designs and prints a 4 page monthly Newsletter that features promotions, restaurant articles and competitions. Ongoing promotional items, banners and stickers are also regular requirements.

The home delivery market has become increasingly competitive and Food by Phone strives continuously to maintain and improve its position within it through its marketing efforts. Recently this has involved a radical update of the company’s logo and it is now cleaner, clearer and more easily recognizable. The website has also been re-launched with better and more user-friendly mechanics together with the launch of a Smartphone application. AMS has been responsible for all the graphic design requirements and is now working on extending the logo redesign to all elements of the business including jackets for the delivery drivers, stickers for delivery boxes and all stationery items.

Both companies have enjoyed tremendous success in their respective businesses over the past decade and have formed a strong, mutually respectful, relationship that they both are confident will continue for many years to come.