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The internet explosion means that it is now almost mandatory for businesses to own a website, at the very least to establish credibility and trust. The website, though, if designed and developed properly, offers so much more - in today’s primary communications medium, it can become your most important means to drive new prospects to your business and to influence buyer behavior.
To be successful your website needs to deliver at two levels…

DATE 2 October 2017
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

Website design covers everything to do with the visual

aesthetics and usability of a website. It must engage the visitor and establish your professionalism, credibility and promise. The design of your website – its layout, use of color and imagery, ease of navigation, readability – is the key to attracting interest and inspiring interaction. We recognize, and are always mindful, that today’s website visitor is very sophisticated, demanding easy to navigate sites, with an intolerance for a site that doesn’t quickly and simply provide them with the information they require.

Website Development concerns the ‘front end” and “back end” coding that makes the website tick. At the front end, the code determines how the website displays itself, how it looks, navigates, responds to different devices, whilst the back-end or server-side of an application is responsible for managing all the data within the database – the behind-the-scenes brains of the site. Both are incredibly important, the former providing the clean impactful visual element, the latter its functionality.

Successful, effective websites have both inspiring design and technically sound development, and at AMS, we understand the importance of both components. We have always been proud of our creativity, our ability to develop original concepts that meet client objectives, visual vehicles that paint pictures and tell stories. As well, though, we include amongst our talented people, experienced and gifted technicians highly adept at advanced programming and coding. We have successfully launched websites for clients in a wide range of industries – check out our portfolio at for examples of our work.

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