Website Design; Simplicity at its Best

Thailand-based company The Fruit Republic has recently launched its range of six premium natural fruit juices on to the Thai market. Aimed predominantly at the high-end hospitality market, the company wanted a web design that would reflect its market position and appeal to its target audience.

DATE 16 September 2013
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

Asia Media Studio was asked to develop this website and we worked on a simple clean and fresh design that encompasses a shield as its central theme, in which the individual fruits feature.

Great attention to detail and technical know-how went into creating the montages and the re-touching of images to deliver the high quality look and feel for the site. This is not a particularly large website, but one that perfectly fulfills its needs for the market in which the company operates.

We always strive to develop unique concepts, avoiding if possible, using readily available templates for website designs. Whilst this makes the task a great deal more challenging – and The Fruit Republic shield was a particularly taxing test of our creative and technical abilities – we firmly believe that this approach ensures the website is clearly differentiated from its competition, with high impact and stand-out.