Website Development - Responding to Change

The days are long gone when websites were only accessible via a desk top computer. Now we can, and increasingly do, access the internet through a variety of devices of different design and size. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones now dominate the “e-world” - currently mobile devices account for over half of internet traffic - and this trend is so extensive that search engines are now boosting ratings for sites that are mobile friendly, effectively penalizing those that are not.

DATE 31 August 2015
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

To achieve optimum impact and awareness, websites need to adapt, and responsive website design aims to craft websites to deliver optimum viewing and interaction by providing easy readability and navigation across the full range of devices. Through fluid, proportion based grids that are capable of instantly resizing, and by incorporating flexible imagery, website developers are able to adapt the layout to the viewing environment.

Asia Media has, for some time, been at the forefront of responsive website design and will always recommend this route for new clients. Our designers and developers are fully conversant with the demands of the technology and work closely together to ensure that the sites we build are fully responsive, reliable and robust. Each website is extensively tested on the full range of devices prior to launch.

Of course, some additional cost is involved, but, without doubt, it is an excellent investment to ensure maximum exposure in a professional and consumer-friendly manner. We are always happy to meet with prospective clients to discuss their requirements; if you think we can be of help, please feel free to contact us at

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