Where You Going?

In the Spring of 2011, two successful and talented British designers, Jamie Winder and Iain Hector, embarked on a journey to South East Asia. They wanted to explore the emerging design scene at a time when the region is undergoing rapid development and growth. The trip encompassed meetings with designers and creative types; a total of 14 interviews were carried out in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore and, last but not least, Bangkok. Asia Media Studio was one of three from Thailand’s capital, all chosen through a “Google” search, where the agency features strongly and favorably.

DATE 15 October 2013

The story of their five week sojourn has now been published in “Where You Going? Design Adventures in South East Asia” and includes the designers’ interview with AMS Managing Director, Laurent Couche.
Laurent was asked about the challenges he faced as a “farang” operating a graphic design studio in Thailand. Topics covered are wide-ranging; the issues involved with employing local designers; availability and standard of local training; design style differences with the Western world; competition within the industry; attitudes to graphic design.

Laurent responded in his frank and forthright manner with details of his own background, his views on the East/West graphic design divide, the reasoning behind his move to Thailand, and his pride in the success of AMS, particularly the agency’s client portfolio which includes both Thai and international organizations.

The book is both entertaining and informative with well-written script supported by excellent photographic imagery which beautifully conveys South East Asia’s unique characteristics. “Where You Going? Design Adventures in South East Asia” is published by Basheer Graphic Books, and in Bangkok can be found at Asia Books and Kinokuniya book stores.